A New Doll – Annie

30 Mar

Hello everyone.  Meet Annie.  This was a very simple doll to make.  I started out with a pre-made doll and glued on silky soft mohair and drew on her face with fabric marker.  Then I made her dress with a light cotton yellow fabric.  Isnt she sweet?  I named her after my granddaughter Annabell.  She looks a lot like her.  I have been so busy making so many things that I had forgot to post many of them as you could tell from my last post.  If you have any questions about any of the items feel free to ask away. lol

Spring.  Isnt it a beautiful time of year?  I just love this time of year.  I do a ten day retreat every year in April out at the lake and I take a lot of my crafting supplies and make things while I’m out there.  It’s very spiritual.  I am so looking forward to this years retreat.  Its coming up in a week.  So I have to decide just what kinds of crafts I will work on while I’m out there.

I plan on making some more rib stitch crochet pot holders out of cotton yarn as well as some wash cloths and dish cloths.  Well whats the difference?  you may ask, between a dish cloth and a wash cloth.  The answer is this…a dish cloth needs to be sturdier so you want to use stitches like single crochet and half double crochet and throw in some picot’s for scrubbing.  Now a wash cloth you want to be softer so you will want to use stitches like the double crochet or a treble crochet or possibly a mixture of double crochet and half double crochet.  A shell pattern would be good to use.

You can find the instructions and link to my video for the Rib Stitch Pot Holders on my other website at www.onceuponafiber.com .

Perhaps there is something you want to learn how to do or something you want to make but you need a little help.  Well, just tell me what it is and I will figure it out and show you how to make it.  I will even make it and offer it for sale if you wish to purchase it rather than make it yourself.  See how easy I am to work with? lol

So for now, have a wonderful day and Happy Creating!


An array of Fun things to make

11 Mar

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Well I have just been a busy beaver and  these are just a few of the things that I have made.  The socks I loom knitted for my daughter using a pattern from the book “Loom Knitting Primer” by Isela Phelps.  The purse I loom knitted by using the stockinette stitch on 20 pegs until the piece measured approximately 18 inches. Then I crocheted the handle using a hdc (half double crochet).6 stitches and worked it until it was about 20 inches long.Since I used 100% wool yarn I felted it in the washer in hot water.  Then I layed it out to dry on a towel  The flowers I made using my very own Five Minute Flower Pattern, some acrylic yarn and a size G and H crochet hooks.  They are really easy.  Have fun!  I know I did! LOL

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5 Minute Flower

Hook size G, worsted weight yarn.

Slip knot on hook and ch 2

Row 1:  10 sc in first ch, join with sl st.

Row 2:  ch 1 sc in same ch 1 space, 3 dc in next sc, *2 sc in next sc, 3 dc in next sc * repeat from * around.  Sl st to first ch, fasten off.  Leave a 10 inch tail to attach flower to whatever you fancy.

Find  contrasting button or other adornment to hot glue in the center.

So get out your looms and crochet needles and create some fun!  And as always May your hands work be blessed and your fiberwork fulfilling!  Happy Creating!

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As always May your hands be blessed and your feltwork fulfilling!  Happy Creating!

Loom Knitting and other stuff

12 Jan

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These were from Christmas.  I made the hats on a number 2 KK Loom with a large pom pom.  Thr Blankets were made with two yards of printed flannel, two yards of colored felt, and two yard of thin batting all sewn together and tacked intermittently with wool yarn.

The Hats were made of 100% wool yarn on a number two circular loom. I number the looms from small to large.  So the smallest loom would be a number 1.   I have two sets of circular looms and I noticed that the gauge is different for each set.  The KK set is better for using two smaller yarns together and the other set is better for the thick heavy gauge yarns.  It took me awhile to figure out the gauge since KK boasts that they are better for a heavy gauge yarn but that didnt work for me.  So I switched to two small size yarns together and it worked like a dream.

Lastly, I bought pre-printed cloth books and sewed those for the girls.  They loved them!

I couldnt show the soap in a sweater or the felted ornaments or molded chocolate on a stick.  I also had fun stamping the gift bags and making the felt gift card holders and last but not least, making the gift tags.  I’ll have to hold onto those for later.  Sorry for the last post I was having technical difficulties. lol  Until tomorrow….

By the way, my hand is still out of commision. Prayers are welcomed.

Dont Stop Felting

25 Nov

Good Morning Everyone!  I will be short and sweet since my hand is out of commission.  I’m still felting.  I can’t wet felt because of my splint but I can still needle felt!  lol  I wanted to tell you that I use my 2 needle tool a lot more than any other tool.  So if your going to invest in tools, I would get the two needle and the four needle.  I have them all and they each have their place.  Its around $100.00 for all the needles and tools and buy extra 38’s too.  You are bound to break one of those sooner or later.  The price is right too.  I would get the Marino Cross Primary Pack of felting wool and then whatever other colors you want.  You are just going to have a blast!  If you have any questions feel free to ask.  If you want to know about preparing fresh wool to use for your felting let me know.  I will be posting about that whole process as soon as my hand is able.  Until then enjoy…. and I hope my pieces inspire you to create wonderful things!

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Needle Felting

25 Oct

So I have just been so busy and one of the things I have been busy with is ” needle felting”.  Its a fairly new thing discovered by felting workers at a felting plant in 1986.  Its much faster than regular wet felting which has its place too.  There is so much you can do with needle felting.  First let me tell you that I buy all of my felting materials at www.livingfelt.com.  These people are awesome and their products are awesome.  You can definitely get more bang for your buck as well at Living Felt.  So the first thing you want to do is go to their website and order various colors of Marino Batts and always make sure you get white and black and other basic colors.  Here is where you may want to think about what you want to make.  Start simple and use cookie cutters for your guides.  Find some cookie cutters and with Christmas coming up you may already have some good metal cookie cutters that you can use. The kind with both the top and bottom open.  So reds and greens may be good to buy.  Then you will need to get a basic needle set with 1- 36 gauge triangle, 1- 38 gauge star, and 1- 40 gauge triangle.  The 38 star is used the most.  The needles come with a card giving quick useage instruction.  Then later on you may want to add a doll needle.  To really get felting you will want to purchase a 4 needle tool.  Then you will need 2 5×5 foam blocks.  One for your cookie cutter project and one for holding your needles when not in use. You must always have foam behind any project you are working on.  I show just a few examples of cookie cutter projects here and a purple purse that I needle felted.  I will be making a hat and am working on some Christmas ornaments that I will post later on.  The Harvest Apron I am working on will be getting a couple of free-handed leaves across the bottom.  Everyone is definitely getting homemade things for Christmas this year.  For now enjoy these projects and if you need any help feel free to leave a comment and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.  Until tomorrow….keep on learning.

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Another Dress

22 Sep

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Here it is!  The dress that fits me! lol  I think it even turned out better.  I still haven’t sold the other dress but when the right person comes along it will sell.  If you haven’t checked out that post for a while, please do so.  I found someone small enough to model it for me.  Isnt she cute?  She’s a friend of the family’s.  Anyhow it only took me two days to make this dress.  It was also the deciding factor in getting a real ironing board.  Ugh!  I couldn’t stand that half of an ironing board.  It is so nice to have a real one.  It’s funny how we take things like that for granted when we have them.  I wont ever take my real ironing board for granted that’s for sure. lol  I had to iron a nice purple skirt that I bought and it was so much easier to do on the real ironing board.  Mine even has a place to put the iron when you’re not using it.  Thats peace of mind for me.  I don’t have to worry about bumping into it and burning myself or knocking it over.  Anyhow, back to the dress, it is really nice.  I found 5 gemlike buttons to put down the front of it and a cameo on the neckband.  I wore it to my first Red Hat Society get together.  So I had the full get-up on.  The  corset w/skirt, the crinoline, thigh high stockings, Victorian dress boots, and my Victorian dress.  Topped of with a feathery Red hat and a Red boa.  I got lots of compliments on my dress but I realized I forgot a couple of things…. I forgot to tack together the eyelet lace.  So here are the pics.  I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed wearing it.  There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment that you get from finishing a project or article of clothing.  So that’s one down and 2 more projects to go.  Actually 3.  I took on an extra one since Christmas is coming fast and I am making Christmas presents. lol  So I have the 18″ Doll and her clothes, the picnic basket and its goodies, and the signs.  I got all the patterns out last night and I need to iron them and pick out material.  I’ll keep you updated.  Next time I have a special surprise for everyone.  I’m really excited about it.

Mammys Handy Mandy

8 Sep

Hello everyone!  Well today I’m going to tell you about the patter I got from MJ’s Vintage Patterns on Ebay.  I got a lot of patterns from her.  She has a great selection of Vintage patterns.  Anyhow I chose to do Handy Mandy and you will notice that she looks a great deal like Mammy.  I think this was done on purpose because Mammy was so popular back then.  Anyhow She was pretty easy to make.  If you’re like me then you like to do woodworking as well.  So I dusted off my scroll saw that my Daddy gave to me before he passed and transferred the pattern to the wood using a piece of graphite paper under the pattern.  Then I cut her out.  Sanded down the edges and whala!  Handy Mandy!  It was a little tricky to cut out the holes and rectangles in the tray she holds but we got it done.  I used some Folk Art paint to paint her according to the instructions and then cut out the material following the pattern.  I had one problem with the pattern.  The skirt doesn’t go all the way around.  So as long as you display it to where the back doesn’t show you should be okay.  If you want it to go all the way around then I would add another 4″ to the length of the skirt.  All in all the pattern worked out great and Handy Mandy looks Great!  I give this pattern two thimbles UP!  Take a gander.  This item is for sale on Ebay.

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Meadow Mice!

3 Sep

Well it took a little while cause there is lots of detail but the mice are done!  Each little lady has her own flower to carry.  I got this pattern from http://clothdollsupply.com/index.html  or you can go to their own site at  www.happyheartpatterns.com .  This person is very talented and these mice get one Thimble Up just for being so dog-gone cute.  After that the pattern is a little iffy.  A word of advice to any would be pattern makers…………Dont make your customers make their own patterns!  Argh!  On this one she has the customer (you & I) add 3/8″ to the outer edge of the patterns before you cut them out.  Thats a no no in my book.  You want the pattern to be 3/8″ bigger?  Make it 3/8″ bigger before you hand it to me and say here cut this out.  I never read the instructions all the way through and cutting the pattern out should be a no brainer.  That should be the easiest part to making anything.  So I had to re-make my hard copies and re-cut all their little arms, ears, and feet.  Fortunately I’m a pretty good seamstress and was able to sew up the body pieces as they were.  The other thing I would like to say is to use your imagination when making these critters.  If you buy everything she tells you you need then it will cost you a small fortune.  I like to add a natural touch when possible to the items I make so I used peppercorns for the eyes, poppy seeds for the nose and hemp for the whiskers and apron strings.  Then I used a natural looking brown paper covered floral wire for the tail and the stems on the flowers.  It all turned out great.  But instead of using 2″ of Boa, I used another flower.  Who will know?  Im not going to spend $18.00 for 2″ of Boa to make a dandelion.  I just made another daisy!  They all look great too!  No harm No foul.  So here they are.  I hope you like them.

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Until next time…….God Bless and Goodnight.

Fishing Lure Covers

3 Sep

Hello Everyone!  So today we are making Fishing Lure covers out of found leather.  The first thing you do is find an old couch or chair that somebody has thrown away.  Next, remove as much of the leather as you need or want.  Next you want to wipe the smooth side of the leather down nice and clean.  Next you want to go to your sewing house or hobby house and pick up some 3/4 to 1″ velcro  sew-in strips or length.  Cut your leather in 6 1/2″ x 5″ pieces and your 1 inch velcro in 4 1/2″ long and 2 1/2″ long.  Make 3 each type (rough or soft) velcro (1-4 1/2″ & 2 2 1/2″) and place on edges of leather .  Be sure to use upholstery thread and a leather needle in your sewing machine.  Set your tension to somewhere between 5 – 6.

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  The short pieces (2 1/2″) along the shorter edges and the longer piece (4 1/2″) in between the shorter ones along the long edge of the leather.  The rough pieces should all be on one side and the soft pieces all on the other side so when you fold the leather in half all the velcro sticks to the corresponding velcro.  Give them to your husband and kids and enjoy the peace while they’re gone. lol  Their fishing experience will be a lot less stressed and more fun and you will have fun too with the time you will have on your hands.  So that’s it everyone!  Enjoy!  Until tomorrow….

Loom Knitting and other stuff

12 Jan

Knitted hats an sewed blankets.

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